maison margiela

Maison Margiela is a successful and yet mysterious brand company. The fashion house works out of the spotlights but remains very trendy! Where is Maison Margiela from? Who is its owner? Let’s discover together the story behind the mystery.

Who is Maison Margiela?

First things first, Maison Margiela has been created by Martin Margiela, a belgian fashion designer, born on April 09th, 1957 in Genk (Belgium).

Actually, the brand was named Martin Margiela at first, in reference to its original creator, a passionate fan of fashion designs and a graduate of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts - Antwerp.


Unlike the majority of fashion designers, who mostly start working in tailoring at a very young age, Martin started to work in the fashion world when he was 27 years old. His first job was in 1984 as the design assistant for the french stylist, Jean Paul Gaultier.


Martin aimed to work for the french designer Jean Paul Gaultier. The latter told him that he does not need to be assisted. The belgian imposed himself and made J.P Gaultier accept to hire him in order to acquire experience in working in the fashion industry and in order to learn how to run a haute couture house. 

Although the french designer was not into the idea of hiring an assistant, at the beginning. He later stated that Martin was the best assistant he ever had!

Martin acquired enough experience at Gaultier’s and in 1988; he launched his label “Martin Margiela” which will become shortly after “Maison Margiela”.

Martin ran his brand company and worked in parallel as Hermes’ womenswear creative director, in 1997.

Style of the brand


The designer Martin Margiela is known for challenging social and fashion standards. His brand stands out in the fashion industry through its unusual design approaches. Maison Margiela depicts some raw yet edgy vibes in its collections.


Who owns Maison Margiela?


During the year 2000, Maison Margiela became a public company where Renzo Russo, the owner of Diesel Group, held a majority share.

In 2001, Martin resigned from Hermes and thereafter an announcement was made stating that the belgian designer was about to leave his company. And brace yourself, no successor was named to replace him. Alternatively, an unknown crew of creatives took the lead of the fashion house. Until 2014, the British designer John Galliano was appointed as head creative director.

Logo of the brand

The logo of Maison Margiela is the brand’s name itself, written in black on top of a white background.

In 1997, the brand Maison Martin Margiela added special tags. In fact, we may find circled numbers from "0" to "23" next to the logo in order to refer to specific garments.

For instance, garments with number 4 represent the menswear collection, while garments with number 1 are related to the womenswear line.


What is Maison Margiela known for?

The brand knew success when it first introduced the Tabi shoes inspired by the traditional Japanese split-toe socks that Martin discovered during a study trip with the Royal Academy.  Throughout the history of Maison Margiela fashion house, the Tabi footwear, depicting a barefoot standing on a high heel, has been revisited in multiple versions.

What is so special with Maison Margiela


The brand Maison Margiela stands out also in the way of dealing with its media presence. In fact, Martin Margiela has always opted for anonymity in a way. He was not into giving interviews or allowing pictures of him, he even skips the bow at the end of a fashion show. Thereafter, the new successors of Martin continue to represent the brand in the same manner.

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