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Miu Miu, an italian fashion brand that belongs to the Prada Group. After experiencing an incredible success with the family business, Miuccia, the granddaughter of Mario Prada, founded her own brand company named Miu Miu. This brand targets younger customers and is specialized in ready-to-wear clothing at affordable prices.

The birth of the brand

Miuccia Prada was born on May 10th, 1949 in Milan (Italy). By taking the reins of her grandfather's brand company, she noticed a great success and thus decided to create her own label Miu Miu, in 1992. This now globally recognized brand was influenced by her own wardrobe. The brand’s name has been inspired after her nickname, given by her family. The creation of Miu Miu was definitely an attempt to reach a new type of customers.

The first Miu Miu boutique opened in 1993 in Milan. Then other outlets were set up around the world, namely London, Berlin, Paris, Tokyo...etc.


Miu Miu style

Unlike Prada, Miuccia decided to create more fun and extravagant looks for Miu Miu. The brand brings a new side to fashion. It explores the notion of liberty with new materials and styles. We can define Miu Miu as an eccentric and rebel brand that remains feminine.

The Miu Miu pieces are definitely less strict but are still elegant and more importantly easy to wear.


The first New York Fashion Week

In 1995, Miu Miu made its first appearance at the New York Fashion Week. Kate Moss is part of the team to star in the show, which brings instantly a lot of attention to the brand.


The promotion of androgyny

In 1997, an ad campaign was launched in which we can admire the famous actress Chloë Sevigny wearing sneakers and menswear garments. That was a new way of rethinking women's style and it undeniably was an avant-garde choice. Thanks to those adventurous campaigns, Miu Miu quickly became a staple brand with its quirky and relaxed fashion.


Various celebrities to represent the brand

In 1995, the movie star Drew Barrymore showed up in the brand’s ad campaign. It was the first celebrity to ever represent the brand on adverts. 

Madonna appears in a Miu Miu’s black leather and gold buckled boots outfit during her musical tour in 2004. The same year, the American actress Maggie Gyllenhaal represents the brand in a highly seductive campaign. After that, we can see the faces of Lou Doillon, Evan Rachel Wood and Selma Blair in another ad campaign.

In 2007, Kirsten Dunst was chosen to represent the fashion brand in a sensual campaign.

A year later, Vanessa Paradis, the famous French singer, became the latest face of Miu Miu.

The brand also made some noise in the industry with her campaign featuring younger girls such as Lindsey Wixson, 16 years old at the time and Hailee Steinfeld, 14 years old.


The Ginza boutique

In 2011, Miu Miu opened an impressive store in the world’s most exclusive luxury street in Ginza, Tokyo. The impressive 500-square-meter boutique is designed perfectly to represent the brand and bring all the attention to it. This location and this boutique once again prove the credibility of the brand within the fashion industry.


A reputation no longer to prove

Miu Miu made sure to be represented by powerful and influential women that would surely bring public attention and they succeeded. From New York to London, Miu Miu does not need to show its existence to the world. Multiple of its products became widely popular such as its Culte sunglasses or its Miu Miu bag.

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