A luxury fashion house since 1925, specialized in men and women’s ready to wear, kid’s wear, bags, shoes, fur and leather goods! Here is the story of Fendi, the worldwide leading Italian empire.


Founder of the brand

Adele Casagrande, born in 1897, was a leather artisan. She opened a workshop specialized in leather goods in Via del Plebiscito - central Rome. Later, Adele married Edoardo Fendi and that is how the brand took the name of Fendi!

Fendi atelier took shape and became a leather shop, in 1925. The Fendi couple experienced great success and made their name prominent. In 1932, a new Fendi shop was established in Via piave. And since 2015 Fendi headquarters became in the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana.


The couple Adele and Edoardo Fendi had five daughters. In 1946, the sisters: Paola, Carla, Anna, Franca and Alda joined the family business.

Edoardo died in 1954, Adele joined him in 1978. However, the Fendi sisters masterfully managed the brand and expanded their business by introducing fur to their designs.


Fendi’s logo 

In 1965, the German designer Karl Lagerfeld joined the brand company as the creative director.  The same year, Karl designed the inverted FF logo.


Fendi’s famous designers 

In 1977, Fendi launched the luxury fashion label's fur and women's ready-to-wear collection, under the hand of the German designer Karl Lagerfeld, who breathed a new life to the company goods. He perfectly mixed fur with other materials and fabrics.  The British stylist Kim Jones has occupied this position since 2020.

In addition, Giambattista Valli worked as Fendi’s stylist, from 1990 to 1991. He was in charge of the label Fendissime.


And since 1994, Anna’s daughter Silvia Venturini was appointed and still is the creative director of Fendi, for accessories and men's clothing lines.


Expansion of Fendi 

By the 80’s, Fendi became famous internationally and started to sell its goods, worldwide. Thanks to the precious collaboration of the fresh youth of Fendi sisters with the talented German designer Lagerfeld.


Fendi key pieces 

Fendi is a very famous luxury brand, known for having produced many high-end items, such as: Fendi fur accessories, the Fendi fur coats, leather goods … among others. 

Fendi is also known for luxury bags, like Pequin handbags, Ostrich bag, Biga bag or Fendi baguette bag that many celebrities loved, namely: Madonna, Naomi Campbell, and Julia Roberts. 

Another fact is that the brand Fendi designed the Rome police department uniforms, in 1985.


Who owns the brand company Fendi 

The Fendi sisters remained in charge of the company until 1999. Prada and the group LVMH bought together 51% of the company. In 2002, LVMH bought Prada’s shares and another 15%. However, Carla Fendi held minority shares until 2008.


Special facts about Fendi 

Fendi is an innovative brand constantly seeking new ideas to amaze the audience. In 2014, the couture house recorded the 2014 catwalk fashion show, with drones. 

Besides, the brand collaborated with an e-commerce platform, in 2017, for the delivery of made-to-order customized bags. 

Fendi sponsored many projects, namely the Quattro Fontane clean-up, supported Galleria Borghese museum’s exhibitions, and also donated millions for ancient Rome's greatest temple : the Temple of Venus and for the rehabilitation of the Trevi Fountain - Rome, in 2013. 

As a matter of fact, in 2016, Fendi celebrated its 90th anniversary over the same fountain, with the use of a clear runway made of Plexiglas floors. Models like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid walked for the occasion.


Since day one, the Italian couture house targets mainly high-end personalities, fur and leather amateurs and all fashion enthusiasts, anyways.

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