From the small village of Grenoble to global success, Moncler is an innovative brand that diversifies by taking up challenges according to trends.

Origin of the brand

Contrary to what we might think, the origin of the brand Moncler is not Italian but French. René Ramillon and André Vincent created it in 1952.


"Moncler" is an acronym made up of the first syllables of the trade name’s native village, namely: Monastier de Clermont, which is located near Grenoble.


Brand acquisition

As highlighted above, the brand is indeed of French origin. However, in 1994 the Pepper Group bought Moncler  and thus this brand became Italian. Then, Moncler's artistic director Remo Ruffini acquired the brand in 2003.

New brand identity


In its early days, Moncler was an outdoor clothing specialist. The trademark is now a true fashion industry.

Moncler was already a successful brand, when the Italian group bought it.


For about fifty years, Moncler's designs were limited to alpine sports environment.

On the other hand, under the Remo Ruffini's leadership, the artistic director who became the owner of the brand, the designs finally diversified.


The brand's iconic goods

Moncler is well known among mountain amateurs, thanks to its tents and sleeping bags. And thanks to the audacity of the brand by creating lacquered Nylon jackets in flashy colors.


Otherwise, the brand owes its success to the Moncler down jacket that Lionel Terray wore during expeditions that took place in Karakorum in 1954, Makalu in 1955 and Alaska in 1964. Then during the Winter Olympics held in Grenoble in 1968.


In 1980, Moncler was renown internationally thanks to this down jacket, even in China.


Quality of down jackets

In order to warm their customers' bodies, in cold winter. Moncler makes use of goose down after accomplishing the whole process of washing, drying and sorting them.



Target customers' base

Since its creation, the brand Moncler has attracted mainly mountain lovers and fans of Alpine sports.

Skiers, slalom artists and even hikers have been the target of the brand, for a very long time.

Nevertheless, since Ruffini is at the head of Moncler Company, the brand's goods interests young people who love casual and trendy sportswear!



Moncler's collections


To date, Moncler has presented five clothing collections.


The Spring/Summer collection, for 2009 and autumn/winter, for 2008-2009.  The "limited edition" collection, The Watanabe collection and finally the Neige (snow) collection as well as its line of accessories, including the famous hiking bag called “Randonée”.

As a matter of fact, Ruffini is targeting a wider customers’ base and introducing more exclusive goods, namely a new fashion line called "Gamme Rouge", inspired by Alessandra Fachinetti at first, and currently designed by Giambattista Valli.


In addition to the concept "Gamme Bleu", designed by the stylist Thom Browne.


Finally, the brand has dedicated a collection for toddlers also, labeled Moncler Enfant, which is the reinterpretation of the adults' clothing versions.

In 2009, Moncler returned to its roots by bringing back on the market, the down jacket that made its success in 1954.

Moncler boutiques


From 2006, Moncler began to establish outlets in famous cities, including Paris, Megève, Milan, Hong-Kong, and Aspen. As well as in ski resorts like Crans Montana, in Switzerland.

Apart from the mentioned outlets, Moncler goods can be found in many leading brands boutiques.


To sum up,

Innovation, creativity and commitment are the essential ingredients that have contributed to the success of a brand that was originally intended for a more restricted customers' base.

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