Here is the story of Prada, the Italian luxury brand

As most of the leading brands, Prada was created in Italy, most likely the birthplace of all luxury brands.

Creation of the Brand

Mario Prada in 1913, who was a saddle maker, then, creates the brand Prada in Milan. 

When created, the brand Prada was specialized in leather goods, as the majority of luxury brands, once again. 

Mario enters in the world of fashion by working the leather with the utmost care and this is what has seduced plenty of prestigious customers. 

Prada after Mario 

Mario Prada died in 1958 leaving behind a successful craft business. 

Thanks to the arrival of the founder's granddaughter, Miuccia Prada, Prada's designs turned onto new areas. Namely shoes and ready-to-wear clothing. 

Ready to wear clothes by Prada 

By becoming the manger of Prada, Miuccia breathes a fresh start to the product lines, and provides innovative and modern styles.

Otherwise, she launched in 1958, the first nylon bags decorated with the Prada logo. Those handbags were incredibly successful and became the icon of the brand Prada. 

Under the leadership of Miuccia, with the significant help of her husband, the manufacturer Patrizio Bertelli, the small craft workshop became a renowned company.

In 1988, Miuccia launched the first line of ready-to-wear clothing, and then she created a subsidiary 100% for men's wear, named Prada Homme (men) in 1993.

Prada Sports 

Later in 1997, Prada launched another subsidiary dedicated to various sportswear, called Prada Sports. 

Prada Beauty

Three years later, i.e in the year 2000, Prada Beauty was created for cosmetics sell, namely make-up and perfumes.

Prada Perfumes

In 2004, the very first fragrance launched by the Italian brand was called Prada Amber, for women. It is a sensual and a futuristic fragrance, offering off slightly amber notes. However, the perfume for men, that is: the Prada Amber for men, released in 2006. It is provided with a more mysterious smell and it is bolder than the amber for women. 

Another iconic fragrance of the brand is the Prada Candy, launched in 2011, a sweet fragrance combining caramel and white musk. 

Where are Prada products made

Whether it concerns shoes, bags, clothes or perfumes... etc.  all the products that are sold by Prada are produced in the 16 factories held by the brand. There are fourteen factories in Italy and two in England. 

The brand Prada makes sure that every step of the manufacturing process is under control, in order to deliver the best quality to their customers. 


The brand increased its field activities, while remaining in the world of luxury, by collaborating with other brands, such as creating glasses with Luxottica Group. Cosmetic products with Puig. Or by developing the “Prada Phone by LG " in collaboration with the brand LG.


After experiencing an incredible success with the family business, Miuccia decided to create her own brand Miu Miu, tagretting a younger customers' base, specialized in ready-to-wear clothing at affordable prices. 

In 2005, Miuccia Prada was named by Time Magazine as one of the 100 Most Influential leaders of that time. 

To conclude, 

The thing that makes the success of Prada, and especially what distinguishes it from other leading brands is that Prada remains since its creation, a family business. Unlike similar brands. 

Thus, Miuccia has turned the craft workshop into a real luxury industry. 

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